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Merger & Acquisition

Mergers & Acquisitions constitute a major segment of our Firms practice. This field draws together for our clients all the corporate, capital markets and securities, competition and litigation experience of our firm. We advise multinational industrial and service businesses, as well as domestic investors on a wide spectrum of mergers and acquisitions related subjects.

Our areas of specialization include:

•  Private company mergers and acquisitions;
•  Corporate restructuring schemes within the entire range of industries;
•  Divestiture transactions;
•  Management buy-in and buy-out;
•  Design of joint venture agreements and their governance;
•  Preparing relevant documentation and authorization, also those involving cross-border operations;
•  Specific tax, securities, competition, intellectual property and employment issues that might occur within mergers and acquisitions processes.

Due diligence of the company to be acquired including collecting and analyzing the documentation of the company so that it corresponds to the client’s request, ensuring the completion of the legal conditions relating to incorporation and registration of the company, corporate governance, assignment of shares, labour frame, commercial contracts (suppliers, customers, clients, partners, distributors), juridical status of the company, investments, acquisitions and sales, insolvency, financial agreements, debts situation, reviewing the validity conditions and the archive documentation regarding the legal status and ownership of the immovable assets, litigations, intellectual property – trademarks, IT issues, environment, authorizations requested by law for the relevant activity of the company, competition issues. The due diligence investigation will be concluded in a due diligence report, including an extensive executive summary.

•  Formulating suggestions and recommendations in view of protecting the interests of the client and presenting the legal aspects related to the specific of the activity of the Client. 
•  Drafting and finalizing the relevant acquisition documents – Memorandum of Understanding/ Shareholders Agreement, Assignment Agreement, Articles of Association, Addendum to the Articles of Association, General Meetings of the Shareholders, Statements.
•  Registering the transaction relevant documents with the Trade Registry, if required;
•  Drafting the notification requested by the Competition Council for the competition legality control of the transaction and representation in front of the Competition Council, if required.